Management philosophy
Company Mission 
    Our company adheres to the development guideline of “Make competitive quality, Create diamond brand”, and follows the enterprise concept of innovation, leaping and development. Based on the resource advantage of the world's largest stainless steel production base, with advanced manufacturing technology and productivity advantages, our company is aiming to become a domestic high-tech stainless steel welded pipe production base, and even the world's most competitive stainless steel welded pipe enterprise.

Strategy Goals   
    Build the the world's most competitive stainless steel welded pipe enterprise.

Core Enterprise Values  
    People Oriented, Users Supreme, Quality First, Overall Open, Continuous Innovation

Enterprise Spirit
    The core of enterprise spirit is the ownership sense, and the essence of the enterprise spirit is “Consider company business as one’s own business”. The enterprise spirit is mainly reflected in: professional dedication of thinking in the perspective of the company, and to share the company’s burden; pioneering spirit of not afraid of difficulties or hard work, and to shoulder responsibilities for company development; team spirit of solidarity, sincere cooperation and efficient implementation; scientific spirit of following the law, cherishing resources, realizing the harmonious development of people and the environment; innovation spirit of keeping pace with the times, self challenging, pursuing excellence, dedicating boutique.

Management philosophy
    Emphasize More on Quality Besides Scale;
    Emphasize More on Software Besides Hardware;
    Emphasize More on Subjective Effects Besides Objective Factors;
    Emphasize More on Creation Besides Learning; 
    Emphasize More on Resource Saving Besides Achieving;
    Emphasize More on Environment Protection Besides Economic Benefits.

Security Concept 
    Quality is the Character and Life of Enterprise 

Quality Concept   
    Quality is the Character and Life of Enterprise 

Marketing Concept   
    Provide better, safer and faster solutions for users, and achieve win-win relation in long-term cooperation.

Integrity Concept   
    Integrity and Compliance, Honest Operation, Duty Fulfillment, Honest & Upright, Never Stains, Pursue Perfection

Enterprise Slogan   
    Finish Everyday Work that Every Day, Deal with Urgent Business in Swift Way, Be Responsible Person and Take one’s        Own Responsibility. Pursue Perfection, and Devote to Details.

Enterprise Vow
    Be Dedicative, and Repay the Country & Company.
    Be Upright & Aboveboard, and Fulfill One’s Duty.
    Be Polite & Modest, and Struggle & Innovate.
    Be United as One, and Keep up with the Times.